Coleal Arabian Horse Farm

ColealThe stunning Eden C is just the latest in a long line of champions bred at Coleal Arabian Horse Farm that have had an impact on the breed worldwide. The vision of Rhoda Coleal has produced generations of champions and the sires and dams of champions including Liberty Bey C, Genesis C, Fames Elagance C (dam of Legacy of Fame), Genevieve C,  Garbo C, and many more. In addition to numerous US and Canadian championships, champions in Brazil, Poland, the Middle East and elsewhere carry the blood of Coleal-bred horses.

The Coleal family established their farm in the rolling hills of California, surrounded by vineyards and sheep and cattle farms, in 1964. Today, Rhoda, her daughter Rhonda, and Rhonda’s children Ashlyn and Dane continue a tradition of international excellence in breeding. The farm is built on the blood of SX Saladin with the early addition of Bey Shah, Padron, and Fame VF. Saladin SX was a leading sire of aristocrat mares, and the strength continued in his great grandson Genesis C who in turn produced the aristocrat mare Silken Sable, Genevieve C, and TA Jihana Bey.

Eden C, grandson of Genesis C, represents five generations of Coleal breeding. While Rhoda claims her horses today come very close to her ideal, that is “not good enough, and we will continue to raise the bar, chasing the vision of our perfect Arabian.” While the Coleal family pursues that goal in California, the impact of Coleal breeding continues to grow on the worldwide stage.

Coleal Arabian Horse Farm
Rhoda and Rhonda Coleal
13556 Montfort Avenue
Herald, CA  95638
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